Sunday, September 27, 2009

20th Century Boys 3:Final - Our Flag

I watched the movie "20th Century Boys 3: Final chapter - Our Flag"!!

It's a blockbuster film and is showing now in Japan. 20th Century Boys 3 has released in August 29th, and this movie is No.1 at the box office for three weeks in a row. Already, it has exceeded two billion yen!!

This time, I dare not write about this movie's storyline.
Finally, 'friend''s under the mask has disclosed in the 20th Century Boys: Final chapter. Of course, until the last scene, the storyline is full of excitement !

Through this 20th Century Boys series, The films features ordinary middle age characters. They are more dull than ordinary, maybe. They are an owner of sluggish convenience store, business man of medium-sized company, a woman who has bad-luck with men.
They think... "if child-self saw me, how he or she feel?" and they worry that "I'm an ordinary person. How do I fight with evil...?" They were waverer but finally they stood up!
I think they are great adult! and I want to being like them.

...In 1969, the year the Apollo 11 landed lunar surface, the year Kenji and his friends made 'prophecy'. Childhood of characters with sparkling eyes are very impressive.
Do children have sparkling eyes nowadays...?

After I watched this movie, I realized that my treasure of my life is good friends, good friendship. To tell the truth, I've not said about my everything to my friends because I'm a wimp, I'm a coward.

The last scene...Kenji's line is still in my mind.
"Take off your mask and try again." (Gather your courage and make real friend)

the movie "20th Century Boys " would be the most interesting film forever for me.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Bon holidays and Fireworks

I spend all my bon holidays in my hometown. Most of Japanese people take holidays between August 13th and 16th. This season is also take place summer festival and fireworks display in each place.

The day of fireworks was taken place, there were many stalls around and there were people in Yukata.

I went to Sushi restaurant with my family before the fireworks. It's an annual event of my family.

It's a embellishment to hold a mess. It's made from sugar, and placed in front of Buddhist altar.

In my hometown, fireworks display is taken place at city's harbor. People also enjoyed the summer night sea breeze.

At this harbor, you can watch the fireworks rising from opposite shore from a close distance. It's a great attraction! It's like a fireworks blast just on my head, and the sound is like roaring thunder!

Obon holidays and fireworks are finished, the end of summer is just around the corner...
I feel little bit lonely...

Saturday, July 25, 2009


I watched the movie "EVANGELION 2.0 : 破", a second film of the EVANGELION tetralogy ! It was released on June 27th. The movie attracted about ome million people in the first 10 days and it was grossed over 2 billion yen at the box office in the first 17 days !! Its theme song is "Beautiful World" by Hikaru Utada, same song as the first film "EVANGELION 1.0 : 序".

EVANGELION's view of the world is like that,

...The year 2000, a massive meteor fell into the South Pole. Then, the catastrophe "Second Impact" had happen. The population of the world great decreased into half. 15 years after, the world reflects the sign of recovery, but another crisis has come. It's called "Angel", unknown huge weapons that descend on the world one after another. Human race made the all-purpose battle weapon, artificial human "EVANGELION". Then, a boy (Shinji Ikari) and 2 girls (Rei Ayanami & Asuka Shikinami) have been chosen for the pilot...

Its TV series was televised from 1998 to 1999. Though the story is very complicated and It's not easy to understand (I think the story is very gloomy..), EVANGLION caught many people's heart and "EVANGELION boom" arose in Japan at that time. Anyway, it's awesome that EVANGELION attracts not only anime fans but also not anime fans though 10 years has passed since the TV series was televised !

However, "What is 'Angel' ?" "What is 'The Instrumentality Project' ?" , these are still not clear, still remain a mystery. The movie version is little different from the TV series. Also, new character appears in the second film. The last scene of this second film...It's unexpected !!! Then, the story continues to "EVANGELION 3.0 : Q" . (Its release date is not clear). Will many mysteries become clear in the Q !?

I watched the EVANGELION 2.0 破\ alone. There were many otaku guys in the theater, so I felt little bit nervous (^-^;. To meet such a otaku guy's expectation, there were a lot of 'service scenes' in the movie (laugh) !! Rei and Aska (especially Rei), are very popular with men, and their costumes also very popular with cosplay fans in Japan. I think, they are forever, everlasting heroines !!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

YATTERMAN - Incredible live-action

Hello ! It has been while again ! (^^;) I watched interesting movie "YATTERMAN" !
"YATTERMAN" live-action has released in March. Maybe, it has already finished showing in Japan, but it was very interesting. So I decided to write about it.
As is well known, YATTERMAN is originally an animation. The animation has been released not only in Japan, so you may know what is it about.

The story line is like that.
The DOKURO stone, which can grant any wishes was split into four parts in long time ago. Now, DORONBO, a group of thieves are trying to collect whole parts of DOKURO stone for DOKUROBEE, their god of thieve. However, because of the power, the world has being affected by the stone.
Mt.Fuji disappeared, "Tuesday" disappeared, and incredible object also disappeared (laugh)!! Finally, the friend of love and justice "YATTERMAN" stand up !

YATTERMAN 1, the main character is played by Sho Sakurai, a member of ARASHI, Johnny's artist. Sho Sakurai also anchors a news program now. He is a good young man with intelligence.
The person who stole the show the most is Kyoko Fukada as Dronjo, the leader of DORONBO. She had been a actress who has an image of being pure and innocent, so anyone couldn't imagine her in a bondage. Dronjo, Kyoko Fukada played, is more cute than the anime's.
Every actors and actress match the image of original characters. Also, Takashi Miike, the director has attracted attention as a film wizard.

The live-action "YATTERMAN" is full of gags and jokes which are exactly elementary school children would say, so there were many children in a theater. Of course, not only children but also adult people can enjoy it. You will grin at schtick and stereotyped story lines that you'd expected ! I hope this movie will be released in other country !

"As long as YATTERMAN is here, evil will have no place ! "
(ヤッターマンがいる限り、この世に悪は栄えない! : YATTERMAN ga irukagiri, konoyo ni aku ha sakaenai)

"Believe" The theme song of YATTERMAN : by ARASHI

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

20th Century Boys 2 : the movie

"Let's continue where we left off."

Year 2015...The world "friend" rules.
"Annihilation will come before long..." A new page of Prophecy has been opened.

It has been a while! I look forward to your continued acquaintance in this year !!

I watched the blockbuster Japanese movie "20th Century Boys 2nd Chapter - The Last Hope" !
The stage of the story is Shinjuku, 15 years after from huge explosion on New Year's Eve 2000. "friend", the guru of a cult religion is revered as a savior who saved the world from crisis of annihilation by terrorism on Bloody New Year's Eve 2000. On the other hand, Kenji who really tried to save the world from "friend"'s conspiracy, is placed on the wanted list as a terrorist.
In this 2nd chapter,the story revolves around Kanna, a niece of missing Kenji. Shinjuku is depicted as a high crime, the most dangerous area in the world ! wow !

The story of "Prophecy" is still continuing. In this 2nd film, existence of another "Prophecy" is brought to light. It was written by someone, not by Kenji.
It's sure that the writer of "New Prophecy" and "friend" is someone in Kenji's friends. "He is the "friend" ? " "No, He may be the "friend". " The way of this movie try to mislead audience and it made me full of nervous excitement !
The 1st film was faithful to the original, but different from the 1st, additional new setting is added in the 2nd film. therefore, it has a potential that conclusion or "friend"'s true colors is different from original.

If you are non-Japanese and if you watch this film, you may wonder that why Japanese people have no doubt and why they are blindly submitting to "friend"'s control. In Japan, there are many people who is indifferent to politics, believe everything media says, and don't go to vote. So from Japanese standpoint, "20th Century Boys" is very Japan !

Anyway, all characters are very intense so it's unforgettable (^^;). Director Yukihiko tsutsumi's sense of humor is great, and Airi Taira as Kanna is very cute.
Unfortunately, not in every country is showing this film. DVD of 20th Century Boys 1 is now on sale. 20th Century Boys 3 will be released in August.

Finally, identity of "friend" will be disclosed !

20世紀少年 第1章 -終わりの始まり-(Nijusseikisyounen Daiissyou - owari no hajimari)

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

TOKYO Shinjuku, Electro-World

In this Christmas season, illuminations are very beautiful in Tokyo.
When night comes, the grubby streets and grotesque buildings are shrouded in darkness and Tokyo transform itself into beautiful forest of neon.

I like Shinjuku the best. I have a lot of memories in this town.

At Shinjuku Southern Terrace, around the JR Shinjuku station southern terrace exit.

Here is thronged with tourists now.

Southern Terrace will be illuminated until early Feb, 2009.

Near the Southern Terrace.

Around Shinjuku station South exit.
I like this landscape.

Around Shinjuku station East exit .
It's very Asia.

At Shinjuku Terrace City, near the Shinjuku station West exit.

Curtain of lights


There ware a lot of couples on the day.

I heard that by seeing from the sky, neon of Shinjuku looks like a electronic circuit card. If I was afford to charter a helicopter, I would see the night view from the sky.

I started to learn English a year ago and I started to write this blog as a way to learn English.
Is my English better than before? I don' t know.. Anyway, I'll do my best.

Thank you my friends and all visitors!
Merry Christmas! See you next year!!

Perfume "Electro World"

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I had an opportunity to go to a concert "EXILE PERFECT LIVE 2008" in Osaka. (Thank you Y.H !) EXILE is a undisputed very big artist in Japan now. Their latest best CD album "EXILE BALLADE BEST" entered J-POP charts at No.1 with a big lead over second. The CD recorded platinum sales on release date ! Their song 'Ti Amo' received the grand prize of Japan Request Award.

Two huge screen appeared from both side of the stage, moved to middle and become one. Then it emitted a strong light and it dazzled the audience. After that, the screen started to show image. It's a narrative like a movie and spectacular. Most big artist makes such a screen image and show it at the opening of the concert in big halls. It seems cost a lot of money to make but it's common in Japan. Finally, when EXILE appeared onstage, the audience erupted in cheers.

EXILE is made up of 2 vocalists and 5 dancers. (They call the dancers 'performer') The youngest member is the vocalist Takahiro, 24 years old. The oldest member is leader of EXILE and the performer Hiro, he will become 40 years old in next year. They are 15 years apart in age !
I like another vocalist, Atsushi's voice. His song got to my heart and stirred my soul. I like "ただ・・・逢いたくて" ( tada...aitakute : It means 'I just miss you' in English, may be) the best in their ballade songs. As I listened this song, I recalled the face of my loved one. This song will remind you of your precious one.
Depending on song, the performers showed dances just like kung-fu. When I saw them live, there was one thing that I did notice about Akira, one of the performers. He has a rangy danceable body and his dance is very sexy. Someday he will become a leading Japanese dancer.

Last part of the concert, audience just brought the house down with EXILE's popular songs ; Won't Be Long, Choo Choo TRAIN, Galaxy Express 999, etc. The rhythm of 'Won't Be Long' is like a reggae or Japanese Bon dance music. Its sound and dance ware interesting.
They ware very cool !

Bellow is their song 'Super Shine'. I like this video.