Sunday, September 27, 2009

20th Century Boys 3:Final - Our Flag

I watched the movie "20th Century Boys 3: Final chapter - Our Flag"!!

It's a blockbuster film and is showing now in Japan. 20th Century Boys 3 has released in August 29th, and this movie is No.1 at the box office for three weeks in a row. Already, it has exceeded two billion yen!!

This time, I dare not write about this movie's storyline.
Finally, 'friend''s under the mask has disclosed in the 20th Century Boys: Final chapter. Of course, until the last scene, the storyline is full of excitement !

Through this 20th Century Boys series, The films features ordinary middle age characters. They are more dull than ordinary, maybe. They are an owner of sluggish convenience store, business man of medium-sized company, a woman who has bad-luck with men.
They think... "if child-self saw me, how he or she feel?" and they worry that "I'm an ordinary person. How do I fight with evil...?" They were waverer but finally they stood up!
I think they are great adult! and I want to being like them.

...In 1969, the year the Apollo 11 landed lunar surface, the year Kenji and his friends made 'prophecy'. Childhood of characters with sparkling eyes are very impressive.
Do children have sparkling eyes nowadays...?

After I watched this movie, I realized that my treasure of my life is good friends, good friendship. To tell the truth, I've not said about my everything to my friends because I'm a wimp, I'm a coward.

The last scene...Kenji's line is still in my mind.
"Take off your mask and try again." (Gather your courage and make real friend)

the movie "20th Century Boys " would be the most interesting film forever for me.


Rashai said...

Wow.. sounds so interesting! I watched the first chapter and can't wait for the next one but may need another year till I get the final chapter on DVD :(

Mika Kawasaki said...

Hi Rashai,
Thank you for your comment!
I'm really into this movie series, so I'm collecting 20th Century Boys's graphic novels now☆

Anonymous said...

hmmmcan you tell who the hell is the friends?
i read the manga, but the final is different

Rashai said...

I like the mystery of 'Friend' too :) Talking about series, I like 'Galileo', wondering how famous is Galileo in Japan?

Mika Kawasaki said...

Hi Anoymous,
Thank you for visiting my blog!
It is 'spoiler warning' so only I can write on this page is "someone who acts Fukubei". He is the 'friend'.
If you really want to know, please send e-mail to me. I'll reply to you about the answer☆

Mika Kawasaki said...

Hi Rashai,
Sorry, I've never seen 'Galileo' I don't know about the story, and I don't know whether Galileo is famous or not...m(_ _)m

Anonymous said...

Mika, hai send you an email

snylo said...

waa, i was really looking forward to seeing this movie but i have to wait for the dvd, if only they show this fabulous movie at my place :(

actually, i found your blog by accident upon searching at google abt this movie, when first reading the post, i genuinely thought it's written by some foreigners living in japan. such a nice review u have there!

Jojo said...

hi nice blog u have there

Mika Kawasaki said...

Wellcome to my blog, snylo and Jojo!
Thank you for leaving your comments!!